Willow’s Cake Smash

As Willow turns 2 today I thought it would be the perfect time to share photos from her 1st birthday cake smash last year!


We also had some family portraits prior to the cake smash so her older brothers could be included and even her Mum and Dad. It was lovely to get these portraits of them altogether.

Then it was Willow’s turn to take the spotlight! Once she saw her brightly coloured cake she couldn’t stop smiling! She didn’t take long to start exploring the cake with her hands and begin grabbing bits from the cake.

I love how excited she was, so excited that she stood up just before she began tucking in!

Willow has such a cheeky look on her face in this photo don’t you think? Sometimes I wonder what is going through a baby’s mind during a cake smash as they happily eat something so sweet, that they wouldn’t normally be allowed and be encouraged by their parents to do so!

It was at this point Willow decided the cake stand wasn’t needed anymore! This has happened a few times during cake smashes, but usually we take it away before they decide they’ve had enough.

I was sure she’d had enough at this point, but then she had a second wind. Her brothers came in to help her finish the majority of her cake so she decided she’d have a bit more with them.

I thought this was lovely to see them all sharing the cake so nicely. They all were so happy!

For the theme we went for unicorn with Willow dressed in her unicorn outfit. The rest of the props I tried to match the colours with Willow’s outfit which I’d seen prior to the shoot.

I always like to talk through the props with parents so we can create the vision they had in mind when they booked me. Alice asked for the Lightbox and letters and was happy with the other props I included. I decided to use helium in my balloons this time as it meant there was more room for the honeycombs and Lightbox. What do you think to this set up? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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