How to choose The Wedding Dress

What you wear on your wedding day will stay with you forever. It seems like there’s a lot to choose from these days. So I wanted to share my advice from my own experience personally and professionally. Firstly, make sure it is comfortable and makes you feel absolutely stunning! Feeling good helps you to look good and your positive vibes will pass onto everyone around you.

I’d recommend booking your first bridal appointment as soon as possible, particularly if you are looking at getting a new dress as it can take months for it to be made and shipped to your bridal boutique. Once it arrives in the boutique you then need to have a couple of fittings to make sure it fits perfectly. You don’t want to worry about the length, straps and back of the dress on your wedding day.

Do you know the style dress you would prefer? I think I tried on about 20 different dresses before I found the one as I wanted to try on as many styles as possible to make sure I knew I had chosen the right one! There’s all different sizes and lengths to fit every body shape and preference.

This dress was from the lovely ladies at Courtyard Bridal. It had a huge skirt, with beautifully delicate lace details at the top and the body of the dress. You can see the the detail better when Lucy wears the dress below.


Next I wanted to show you some dresses from the lovely Maisie Darling bridal boutique. Charlotte has provided dresses for a couple of styled shoots I’ve been involved in.

Hopefully one of these recommended bridal boutiques is the one for you. I know at the moment virtual appointments are all that can go ahead. Why not book one in?! It’s a good opportunity to speak to wedding suppliers who will be as excited as you at finding the perfect wedding dress!

Make a statement on your Wedding Day!

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