Wedding Music – Where to start?

Deciding when you want music during your wedding day can be tough! Breaking down the day into sections can help make things a lot easier.

The main parts of the day to choose a specific piece of music for are;

– Entrance into a church or ceremony room
– Signing of the register
– Exit from the church or ceremony room
– The first dance(s) (sometimes there’s more than one so you may want to choose a couple for this part of the day)


There are a few musicians I’ve worked with and would really recommend. Harpist Rebecca Barnes who can play pretty much anything on the harp from Dr Dre, The Beatles to something classical like Vivaldi or Delibes. Check out her Instagram page to have a listen.

Also there’s Brad Matthews who performed at a summer wedding I photographed in Rutland’s stunning Normanton Church, he then played throughout the drinks reception and evening reception!

It’s worth visiting wedding fairs to experience live musicians playing well known pieces of music to inspire you and help you visualise your wedding day.

A couple of the weddings I’ve photographed recently had live sax players along with DJ’s and they were amazing! Really got everyone up and dancing as well as sounding brilliant.


There’s a lot of choice, live musicians, DJ or your own music player

Sometimes it’s nice to have playlists for different parts of the day, bridal and groom prep in the morning, the drive to the venue if you are in a separate location and during your wedding breakfast. During the evening reception if you have a DJ or live musicians they will provide the music for you then, so no need to plan any thing after this point.

If you need help finding a live musician or DJ in Northamptonshire please do let me know! I’d love to help and will have a list of contacts that I have worked with at weddings in the local area.

Also if you prefer to have classical musicians or jazz musicians I cannot recommend Rosie from Tailor Made Music Agency enough! She will be able to find you the music you have dreamt of having for your special day.

With the first dance, something we did for our wedding was make a playlist of tracks we both liked and then narrowed it down from there. You might want to stick to traditional and have one of the popular first dance wedding songs. Or go for something completely different that is personal to you both!

Would love to hear what you have decided to have for your first dance. Let me know in the comments below!

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