What is a Pre-Wedding shoot?

This is a question I’m asked quite a lot by couples usually when we are talking about their wedding plans and photography packages I offer.

If you’ve decided to read this blog is it because you’re not sure what it is and why you would have it? Either way I’m glad you’re here. Even if you know what one is and just want to see some nice photos!

A pre wedding shoot is a photoshoot with your wedding photographer any time from when you have booked them to a few months before your wedding day. Also known as an engagement shoot. It can be at your wedding venue or alternatively at a local venue nearby to where you’re getting married or where you live. It is a chance for you to meet your photographer before your wedding day and experience their photography style.

They usually last for an hour and you will receive some great couple portraits, personal to you and different from every other pre-wedding photoshoot. Perhaps to use as your save the dates if you book early, or use them at your wedding if you are having photos on display.


Locations I’ve photographed at are usually in Northamptonshire, with the exceptions of ones in Birmingham, Bristol and Peterborough. The Northamptonshire venues include East Carlton Park just outside Corby and Abington Park in Northampton.

It’s something I like to recommend, as since I’ve been offering them free with wedding bookings for 2021 and 2022 I’ve found them really beneficial. From a photographer’s point of view it allows us to find out more about your wedding and engagement, which is always exciting to hear! It gives you time to discuss photos you have in mind for your wedding day as well.

If you are feeling nervous to be in front of the camera all day at your wedding, your pre-wedding photoshoot will help calm those nerves. Your photographer will help you feel comfortable having the camera looking at you. This is something I really enjoy with my photography, helping you to feel relaxed and happy during your photoshoot.

Should you bring your dog to a pre-wedding shoot? Absolutely! Yes I would encourage this and look forward to meeting your dog if you do. There are many places they can go for a photoshoot so if you’re wondering if you can or not. Yes you definitely can!

So now you know what a Pre-Wedding shoot is and how great they are! If you are convinced you need one with your wedding photography package speak to your photographer!

Emma DB Photography