Fearne’s Cake Smash Photoshoot

We decided to book this shoot in a few weeks before Fearne’s 1st birthday, which is almost a month ago now! It worked out perfectly and was exactly how we imagined it.

Set up didn’t take too long and once Fearne had grabbed the straw bunting on the top of the cake, she her first taste of buttercream. Next she just went for it, with handfuls of cake and buttercream being eaten so quickly! It was amazing, she was loving every second, though always looking over at Mum for approval.


Fearne was fabulous and made this one of the most enjoyable experiences for me so far. Something I had never done before, but thanks to her Mum Lucy, I was given the chance to give it a go. From the photos we achieved I think Fearne looked as though she had the best time too and didn’t seem to mind being in front of the camera.

It was messy, but oh so much fun!


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