Autumn Portraits

I was asked to take some Autumnal shots of my friend Wahida’s little girl Nyla, surrounded by leaves. We decided to stay local and not travel too far, as there are so many stunning places to photograph in Northamptonshire.

Usually the weather wouldn’t stop an outdoor portrait session from happening, however, it threw it down when we initially met up. So instead Wahida put the kettle on, and I took some photos of Nyla in the comfort of her own home. She was so happy and loved to have her photo taken!  

From my experience portraits at home are the most natural and relaxed and I prefer the images from these sessions.


The outdoor portraits the next day turned out perfectly, Nyla looked so cute in amongst the leaves, wrapped up nice and warm. 

She had a great time playing in the leaves and didn’t even mind when we dropped a couple of handfuls of leaves above her! Though a lot of leaves ended up in or almost in her mouth!

Once Wahida gave her the fox to play with, she’d forgotten all about the leaves she had previously tried to eat.

This was a lot of fun. I loved capturing the lush autumn colours and Nyla looked adorable.

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