What I love about Weddings…

One of the most exciting parts of a wedding day, for me as the wedding photographer, is the bridal prep. I love this part of the day! The makeup, the shoes, the hair and THE dress!


The wedding playlist has begun. The bridal party are full of energy and anticipation. Oh and the champagne is usually flowing nicely alongside a delicious breakfast!

I would say the best time for the wedding photographer to arrive is during hair and makeup. Where the bride is starting to look how she imagines she will on her wedding day. I love to capture shots of the hair being styled into place; usually using a ton of hairspray and hair grips! Also closeups of applying makeup as the makeup artist will choose the area with the best natural light in the room. So I will head towards them to get some beautiful shots.

It’s the little details that I go crazy for, with the beautiful bottles of perfume, flowers, shoes, veil, jewellery and any other accessories the bride may have with her! With the perfume, it’s usually the first time it is being used as the bride’s ‘wedding scent’ so that particular perfume reminds her always of her wedding day. Such a wonderful idea.

There are sometimes nerves during this stage, though generally they tend to be when everyone is ready to go and there has been a mad panic before everyone leaves the bride and whoever is accompanying her in the bridal car to the venue and down the aisle.

A few hours is all it takes, as the dress can take a little while to button up. I would say give a good 30-45minutes for this to make sure and usually two people to help would make things a lot easier!

This is where you get to see the bride to be looking her best and you can tell she feels amazing, with hair and makeup done and dress on. All those trials have become a reality.


Do you agree? Is the morning one of the best moments of a wedding day? There’s adrenaline, excitement, music and love that fills the room. I think I’ve always thought this, as a guest, as a bride and as a wedding photographer. It is definitely the start of the day that should be remembered!


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