1 year with our Honey

It’s been a year since we brought Honey home to be part of our family and I’d say it’s definitely been an adventure! The year has flown by. I’ve tried to capture the special moments in her life and the everyday ones too.

I’d like to share some of these images with you, though for more puppy photos click here!

Honey was so nervous when we picked her up, (probably as nervous as we were) and was shaking in our arms. Once we brought her home she became more relaxed and over the next few days she started to settle in nicely.

After weeks of training, in the house and classes every Friday, she began learning her name and basic tricks. Though she was doing well, she would become easily distracted and start to chew something she shouldn’t.

We have taken Honey lots of places for walks, one of her favourites being Lodge Farm where we hire one of the paddocks. She enjoys it so much there and event more when her sister Jessie joins her.

We took Honey to Rockingham Castle last summer for the afternoon

We took Honey to Rockingham Castlelast summer for a picnic to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was a glorious day.

She continued to chew and eat things she shouldn’t, then decided to eat one of the stones in our garden.

Here you can see Honey is feeling pretty sorry for herself in her medivest shortly after her op.

Honey recovered pretty quickly and was back to her usual sweet, but sometimes mischievous self. We continued taking her to the paddock and various country parks for walks. She was even able to come to Wales with us for the weekend and visited the beach for the first time. As soon as we got there she jumped straight into the sea and was soaked – she loved it!

Her favourite thing to do at the moment is agility, we take her to classes every weekend with Harmony Dogs.

She’s doing so well, who knows what she will get up to this year!

It is so difficult to summarise the year in a handful of photographs, so I’ve picked some of my favourites to post here.


Honey’s having a nap now after all the excitement. Hope you’ve enjoyed looking through them!

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