Portrait and Cake Smash Photoshoot

Betty turned 1 just before our photoshoot was booked in so we decided to incorporate a few of her favourite things into the portraits before the cake smash.


She absolutely loved the bubbles, toys, balloons and mirror we used. She kept catching her reflection in the mirror which she was fascinated with!

Every so often she would look over at where we were keeping the balloons, as though she couldn’t wait any longer for them!

The balloons tied to a basket was a first for me and I got to use my helium tank I’d just brought which was fun! We were so pleased with the results.

Some of the additional portraits also included her parents, Stephanie and Patrick. It was lovely to meet them all.


Then it was time for the cake smash…


You may have already seen the cake from my Instagram or Facebook, but if not can you guess which flavour was inside?


It was a RAINBOW cake!!

Betty took the term cake smash literally and ended up with a lot on her beautiful white dress! She loved it and definitely gave me some fantastic moments to capture.

Each cake smash I’ve done so far has been completely different to the one before. Looking forward to the next ones!

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