Nathan and Harriet – Family Portraits

I photographed Nathan, Harriet, Alex and Millie as part of Nathan’s Christmas Present for Harriet at the end of March. So I thought it was about time I shared some of their photos with you!

I love how coordinated they all were, similar to the family photoshoot I did last year here. I think it can be so effective and look more timeless with no logos or large slogans in sight.

We decided the best place for these portraits would be in the comfort of their own home. A beautiful new build with plenty of space and natural light.

It was much more relaxed than being in a studio and meant we had a variety of places for them to be all together as a family.

There were lots of laughs, kisses and naps from one family member in particular. I seem to remember some flossing at the start and airplane throwing at the end towards me!

I especially loved to include Enzo in these family portraits. He was so welcoming and had a lovely temperament.

Sadly Enzo passed away a few months after these were taken, which now makes these even more special to look back through.

Millie slept through almost the entire photoshoot, making it easier to capture her in these peaceful poses.

She even started to smile as the session was coming to an end. I think she secretly loved having her photo taken.

Thanks for reading through my blog and taking the time to look through my photographs. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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