Wedding Flowers, real or faux?

This question never crossed our minds when planning our wedding. The faux flowers available at the time weren’t that realistic or natural looking so we knew we wanted real flowers. We were planning our wedding 5 years ago and so much has changed!

After becoming a wedding supplier I now think it’s so important to find out whether you are wanting real or faux flowers. It helps you choose your florist and gives them an idea of how you want your flowers to be on your wedding day. There are so many florists available, who all specialise in different styles and one will be the perfect fit for your wedding.

I’ve worked with florists supplying both real and faux flowers and sometimes it’s really hard to tell the difference! Dried flowers and pampas grass were very popular last year and continue to be in 2021.

I thought it would be nice to share some florists in Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire that I would highly recommend. All have produced some beautiful floral arrangements for weddings and shoots that I’ve been a part of.


Fauxever Blooms

Malden & Wilde

Wild Sapphire Florist

Wilder Floral Design

I’ve loved photographing all these different style bouquets and the other floral decoration at a wedding. The floral bow tie? I’d never seen this before but I want to see more of these! Traditionally the groom and his groomsmen wear buttonholes with a singular flower and some foliage to match the bride’s and bridal party’s bouquets.

One of my favourite shots to get at a wedding is the closeup of the bouquet, can you tell?

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