What stationery do you need for a Wedding?

There is more to wedding stationery than just your invitations! You have on the day stationery, save the dates (if you’re planning super far ahead) and also thank you cards after your wedding day .

If you are planning your wedding year or more in advance I would definitely recommend save the dates, to make sure your guests keep the date free for your wedding.

On the day stationery includes place name cards on the tables, menu cards and table plans. We went for a flag for our table plan at our wedding and LOVED it! It was fairly new when we got married and from a company that first started the wedding flag trend White Cottage Weddings. We still have it today and it’s a lovely reminder of who we had at our wedding breakfast and also what we named our tables!

Another thing to consider is colour and design, this will include wording and fonts used which will be something your stationer can advise further on if you’re not sure. I love calligraphy as it gives a softer, yet formal feel to invitations and looks amazing. I even include a quote in all my wedding photography packages hand written by a local calligrapher as I think it adds a personal touch and looks stunning! To see her work click here!

Stationery is a huge part of every wedding, large or small, to help guide guests and keep them informed on what is planned for your day. It can tell guests where they are meant to be and at what time, what they will have to eat and anything else you want to include.

Here’s a list of details to include in your invites:

– Venue(s)
– Timings
– Parking (maybe include a map?)
– Menu options (if you’re providing a choice)
– Accommodation
– Gift ideas (perhaps a note to say you would like a contribution to your honeymoon?)
– RSVP date

Ideally you would need to send these out between a year and 6 months before your wedding day to give guests a chance to respond.

Something else to consider if you want an elegant finish to your invites, wax seals! Your stationer can do these for you, or you could try it yourself if you’re wanting to be creative and make something for your wedding. We did this for ours, though I set one of the envelopes on fire, but luckily we had some spares so it didn’t get sent out to anyone!


Hope this helps with organising your wedding stationery. If you need any advice or looking for a stationer I am here to help! I know plenty of local stationers that I would gladly recommend.


Suppliers included in the above photographs are
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