Lucy and Josh – Couple Portraits

It was a joy to photograph Lucy & Josh; they have such a laugh together and made the photoshoot so much fun! This time round they were more adventurous than before, with piggy backs and even some dance moves (not sure if these were intentional or not)!

I had a portrait session with Lucy & Josh before, and when they asked if I could take some more, I couldn’t wait. The last shoot was Autumn 2018, click here if you fancy a look.


These photos were taken in the middle of February at Foxton Locks, in Leicestershire. I’ve always had fond memories of this place and thought it would be the perfect place for us to meet.

After half an hour of photos, Lucy decided she wanted to jump on Josh’s shoulders and this is how the photoshoot went…

This photo is my absolute favourite, just the right amount of natural light.


We then found some foliage to use as a backdrop, as it was still winter there wasn’t a lot of colour to play with.

Thanks for looking through my photos of this gorgeous couple; let me know what you think in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!


1 year with our Honey

It’s been a year since we brought Honey home to be part of our family and I’d say it’s definitely been an adventure! The year has flown by. I’ve tried to capture the special moments in her life and the everyday ones too.

I’d like to share some of these images with you, though for more puppy photos click here!

Honey was so nervous when we picked her up, (probably as nervous as we were) and was shaking in our arms. Once we brought her home she became more relaxed and over the next few days she started to settle in nicely.

After weeks of training, in the house and classes every Friday, she began learning her name and basic tricks. Though she was doing well, she would become easily distracted and start to chew something she shouldn’t.

We have taken Honey lots of places for walks, one of her favourites being Lodge Farm where we hire one of the paddocks. She enjoys it so much there and event more when her sister Jessie joins her.

We took Honey to Rockingham Castle last summer for the afternoon

We took Honey to Rockingham Castlelast summer for a picnic to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was a glorious day.

She continued to chew and eat things she shouldn’t, then decided to eat one of the stones in our garden.

Here you can see Honey is feeling pretty sorry for herself in her medivest shortly after her op.

Honey recovered pretty quickly and was back to her usual sweet, but sometimes mischievous self. We continued taking her to the paddock and various country parks for walks. She was even able to come to Wales with us for the weekend and visited the beach for the first time. As soon as we got there she jumped straight into the sea and was soaked – she loved it!

Her favourite thing to do at the moment is agility, we take her to classes every weekend with Harmony Dogs.

She’s doing so well, who knows what she will get up to this year!

It is so difficult to summarise the year in a handful of photographs, so I’ve picked some of my favourites to post here.


Honey’s having a nap now after all the excitement. Hope you’ve enjoyed looking through them!

What I love about Weddings…

One of the most exciting parts of a wedding day, for me as the wedding photographer, is the bridal prep. I love this part of the day! The makeup, the shoes, the hair and THE dress!


The wedding playlist has begun. The bridal party are full of energy and anticipation. Oh and the champagne is usually flowing nicely alongside a delicious breakfast!

I would say the best time for the wedding photographer to arrive is during hair and makeup. Where the bride is starting to look how she imagines she will on her wedding day. I love to capture shots of the hair being styled into place; usually using a ton of hairspray and hair grips! Also closeups of applying makeup as the makeup artist will choose the area with the best natural light in the room. So I will head towards them to get some beautiful shots.

It’s the little details that I go crazy for, with the beautiful bottles of perfume, flowers, shoes, veil, jewellery and any other accessories the bride may have with her! With the perfume, it’s usually the first time it is being used as the bride’s ‘wedding scent’ so that particular perfume reminds her always of her wedding day. Such a wonderful idea.

There are sometimes nerves during this stage, though generally they tend to be when everyone is ready to go and there has been a mad panic before everyone leaves the bride and whoever is accompanying her in the bridal car to the venue and down the aisle.

A few hours is all it takes, as the dress can take a little while to button up. I would say give a good 30-45minutes for this to make sure and usually two people to help would make things a lot easier!

This is where you get to see the bride to be looking her best and you can tell she feels amazing, with hair and makeup done and dress on. All those trials have become a reality.


Do you agree? Is the morning one of the best moments of a wedding day? There’s adrenaline, excitement, music and love that fills the room. I think I’ve always thought this, as a guest, as a bride and as a wedding photographer. It is definitely the start of the day that should be remembered!


Sandra and Rob – St Mellon’s

Sandra and Rob were married at St Basil’s Church in Bassaleg, south Wales.

As I am based in Northamptonshire this is further for me to travel for a wedding, but it was worth the distance.


It was a wonderful day filled with beautifully classic wedding details that I love to photograph.

Rob was waiting inside the church, while Sandra was taking a moment to compose herself ready for the walk down the aisle.

We had fun with the portraits outdoors after the ceremony and made the most of the long veil that Sandra had! She looked amazing.

Sandra opted for a different dress for the reception at St Mellon’s Hotel, just a few miles down the road. The veil was shorter and the dress looked gorgeous with a lot more sparkle and beading.

I can’t decide which dress I like best!


One of my favourite images has to be this one where I took a step back and went for a larger landscape, instead of the previous closeup portraits that I am used to taking.


I really enjoyed photographing this wedding from last summer, it has been so lovely looking back through the photos and sharing with you all.

Jacqui and Jamie Metcalfe

Jacqui and Jamie were married at the Wellingborough Registry Office, in Northamptonshire, on the 31st December 2016. This time two years ago I was editing their photos and getting them ready to send to the happy couple.

Both Jacqui and Jamie were so welcoming towards me in their home and after our consultation I knew it was going to be a relaxed, calm atmosphere on the day.

With hair and makeup being finished I wandered through to the living room. In there I found Alan (the cat) napping and the kids getting in some extra play time before they had to get ready.

Everything was starting to come together everybody looked wedding-ready! I love these candid shots, capturing details and all the concentration.

The more weddings I’ve been involved in, the more I’ve noticed the start of the bridal prep everyone is so chilled. With family and the bridal party enjoying getting ready and making the most of each other’s company.

Then half an hour to go, there’s a mad rush to make sure nothing is forgotten and everyone is out the door on time!

The ceremony itself was wonderful, so much love and laughter.

We took outdoor photos after the ceremony and some confetti was thrown.

I loved Jacqui’s and the bridesmaids’ fur jackets, they looked perfect against the dark purple dresses.

After the formal photos I took a ride in the wedding car with the newlyweds to take some photos in a micro-pub down the road from the venue.

I’ve never been to one before, it had so much character and was refreshing to see the happy couple in there enjoying a drink together as husband and wife.

The evening reception took place at Silk in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and saw a lot more guests join in the evening and New Year celebrations.

I’m so lucky to have been a part of such a special day, thank you Jacqui & Jamie for a fun New Year’s Eve!

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