10 months with Honey

Today marks Honey’s 1st birthday!

After meeting her once for cuddles, then receiving lots of pup-dates from the breeder we finally picked Honey up on the 17th February 2018. Our lives have changed ever since that memorable day.


This was from the very first day we brought her home and is still the toy she has in her bed with her every night!

Honey has always been full of energy and was born ready to play!

Looking back through some these photos, it shows how quickly she has grown and how fast 10 months have passed.

These were taken on Mother’s Day this year, so we thought she would want to dress up for the occasion.

She has stolen our hearts and so we couldn’t resist treating her today with some new toys and treats.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Honey.

Family Portraits

Earlier in the year I travelled to Wales, in preparation for the wedding I photographed for my friend Paige; which you can read all about here

I took some portraits of a beautiful family, who matched each other perfectly. These photos were shot in the park on a warm summer’s day in the south of Wales.

They were fantastic, so relaxed infront of the camera and the photos turned out better than I anticipated. Jamie and Lauren looked so happy together and so in love with their little girl. 

The green leaves on the trees were a great backdrop for a lot of the shots and coordinated nicely with the family’s clothing. So many bright colours to capture.

I had to time the photos just right so that I didn’t include anyone else in the shot. The focus was Jamie, Lauren and Eira.

Such an exciting portrait shoot, with a lovely family and a pretty patient 1 year old!

Autumn Portraits

I was asked to take some Autumnal shots of my friend Wahida’s little girl Nyla, surrounded by leaves. We decided to stay local and not travel too far, as there are so many stunning places to photograph in Northamptonshire.

Usually the weather wouldn’t stop an outdoor portrait session from happening, however, it threw it down when we initially met up. So instead Wahida put the kettle on, and I took some photos of Nyla in the comfort of her own home. She was so happy and loved to have her photo taken!  

From my experience portraits at home are the most natural and relaxed and I prefer the images from these sessions.


The outdoor portraits the next day turned out perfectly, Nyla looked so cute in amongst the leaves, wrapped up nice and warm. 

She had a great time playing in the leaves and didn’t even mind when we dropped a couple of handfuls of leaves above her! Though a lot of leaves ended up in or almost in her mouth!

Once Wahida gave her the fox to play with, she’d forgotten all about the leaves she had previously tried to eat.

This was a lot of fun. I loved capturing the lush autumn colours and Nyla looked adorable.

Fearne’s Cake Smash Photoshoot

We decided to book this shoot in a few weeks before Fearne’s 1st birthday, which is almost a month ago now! It worked out perfectly and was exactly how we imagined it.

Set up didn’t take too long and once Fearne had grabbed the straw bunting on the top of the cake, she her first taste of buttercream. Next she just went for it, with handfuls of cake and buttercream being eaten so quickly! It was amazing, she was loving every second, though always looking over at Mum for approval.


Fearne was fabulous and made this one of the most enjoyable experiences for me so far. Something I had never done before, but thanks to her Mum Lucy, I was given the chance to give it a go. From the photos we achieved I think Fearne looked as though she had the best time too and didn’t seem to mind being in front of the camera.

It was messy, but oh so much fun!


October Portrait Sessions

October was a busy month for me, the beginning of my journey as a wedding and portrait photographer and portrait sessions booked in the diary. Here is a selection of the outdoor portrait photos I took; both were a lot of fun.

I met this amazing family one Sunday afternoon at Abington Park, in Northamptonshire. The leaves had turned all sorts of exciting colours and there were plenty of spots for us to take photos. It was incredibly busy, but we managed to avoid the people and their dogs walking by.


Lucy, Jeff and Fearne were naturals in front of the camera. This made it much easier to create some autumnal family portraits; exactly what we had hoped for.


I also met Lucy (different one!) and Josh just outside Corby, in Northamptonshire to take their portraits. We left an hour or so before the sun started to set so we could catch the light in just the right places. It was pretty chilly, but they embraced it!


I find it’s so important to interact with my clients and keep them relaxed to help create the natural shots we all want.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to capture these special moments, I can’t wait for next month!

Emma DB Photography